Universal Electronics Nairobi

Universal Electronics Nairobi

Are you looking for diverse electronic components, parts, and accessories? If yes, universal Electronics Nairobi is the place to be.

This great entity has been in existence for more than 15 years and served its clientele with humility and dedication.

I happen to be one of their clients and I have loved the relationship all these years.

Universal electronics Nairobi deals in and sells electronic components, electronics parts, and electronics accessories.

At universal electronics shop, you will get a wide range of the above, and well, they understand electronics much.

For this reason, they will advise you on any electronics question you may have in regards to this field.

Universal Electronics Nairobi products


We stock several IC numbers including but not limited to TDA’s, TA’s, LA’s, TEA’s, STR’s, STK’s, KA’s, and many more.


Visit our shop and get Mosfets, JFETs, FETs, and also, PNP and NPN junction bias transistors.


We sell quality resistors ranging from 1/4 watts to beyond 10 watts for droppers. We also have thermal resistors for an iron box.


With us, you will get Ceramic, Mica, Electrolytic, and Paper capacitors. We do have a diverse range of values.


Signal, Rectifier and Solar diodes are available.

Solder and Soldering Guns:

If you are a student, technician, or an electronics enthusiast, visit our electronics store and get the best solder wire and soldering guns. Solder Suckers are also available.


We stock various voltage ratings adaptors so that your gadgets are powered throughout.


If you are in the sound and video sphere, we got you covered. We have various audio and video converters for you.


Would you like to connect two different appliances? We have cable converters like HDMI, VGA, USB ETC.

You will also get other diverse cables with us including but not limited to; Radios power cable, Iron box cable, Speaker cables and many others.


Visit our shop and see the various voltages inverters that we have in stock. This mainly for those using solar power.


240-110 Volts step down transformers for all American appliances and gadgets.


Ensure that your computer and other dust sensitive appliances are clean with our long-lasing blowers.


We have various types of fans. Computer fans, house fans and many more.

Various Lights

Yes, we are here to light your home, car, business, office and compound among other establishments.


Light emitting diodes produce light when powered. They consume little energy thus efficient. Talk to us if you need them.


Do you love nice audio? If so, we have you covered. We have a variety of speakers- Subwoofers, Mid-range and, tweeters. Visit or place a call and see what we have in stock.


Motherboards play a very critical role in the electronics world. They bring together so many electronic parts and components into just one board to perform various functions towards a set goal.

We stock various motherboards. Kindly talk to us and enquire.

Computer Keyboards and Mouse

Get stylish and modern Keyboards and Mice for your computer from us.

Power Modules

Same as motherboard, a power module can also be referred to as a power board. If you need one, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Solar Charger controllers

If you utilize solar energy, you will need a controller in order to protect your battery and the appliances from faults and damage.

Transformers and much more

We do stock a wide range of transformers that come in various voltage and current ratings.

Contacts and Location

They have very reasonable prices and well, you will get almost any spare part that you are looking for at their electronics store.

Kindly visit Universal Electronics Nairobi website and see all the electronic products they have in their shop.

Additionally, you can visit the shop. They are located along Kamae lane off Luthuli Avenue. The direction is availed on the website.

Kindly place a call to them if you need to buy any electronic products. The shop hotline number is 0733 896810

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