Types of adapters

Types of Adapters

What comes to your mind when you think of adapters? There are several types of adapters and they serve various connectivity needs.

Adapters play a very critical role in the electronics world. Imagine connecting your phone to your Tv and vice-versa!

This article will expound in detail about these must-have gadgets so that you do not throw away your electronic gadgets because they cannot be interconnected.

We shall try to unearth several types of adapters in the market today. Furthermore, we shall add links to where you can get genuine ones and at a discount.

What is an adapter? this is a gadget or device that converts and modifies attributes of one system or device to those of an incompatible system or device.

The main adapter connectivity attributes are;

  • Signal Connectivity
  • Power Connectivity
  • Physical Connectivity

This adapters review will also act as a guide on how several adapters work and if indeed they have multiple connectivity attributes.

This will be a long post. For this reason, kindly take your time to read through and make up your mind on the best and most suited adapter for your needs.

Well, to make it easier for you, I will categorize and group the adapters. In addition, I will add images and brief explanations.

As a bonus, we shall also discuss cables that come in as adapters. You must have heard about VGA or HDMI cables by now! (these are adapters as well)

Types of Video Adapters

The below types of adapters categories have been derived from days of research and indeed the use of some of them.

There are so many types of video adapters. And to expound more, video adapters can apply to TVs, Phones, Computers, Play stations, and Cameras.

Below I will create lists to display and inform you more about video adapters that fall under each category.

In addition, new types of adapters will be added as they come into the market.

Component (Y/Pb/Pr) Adapter

Types of adapters - Component -YPbPr
Image credit | euresys.com

Also known as the Y/Pb/Pr, the component video adapter has five cables/cords.

Three of the cables are used for video purposes while the other two are used for audio purposes.

Y channel carries luminance data and is colored green. B channel carries blue color data and is colored blue. R carries red color data and is colored red.

The components adapter is mainly used in HDTV TVs because it allows for higher definition transmission.

Some of the Component (Y/Pb/Pr) adapter variations are:

S-Video Adapter

Image credit | lifewire.com

Found in computer monitors and television sets, the S-Video or super video adapter is usually round with four pin connectors.

This video adapter splits color and luminance into seperate wires and then these two wires are integrated into a single cable.

This adapter is mainly used to connect older appliances like game consoles and cameras to modern TVs.

Some of the S-Video adapter variations are:

Composite Adapter

Composite Adapter
Image credit | grainger.com

This is one of the most common TV connection adapter. It has three plugs. One plug is colored yellow, the other red and the last one white.

The yellow plug carries the video/picture signal while the other two carry the audio/sound signal.

The only variation of the composite adapter is;

HDMI Adapter

HDMI Adapter
Image credit | thehomecinemaguide.com

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a 19 pin connector. It comes in form of a flat connector and transmits uncompressed video data across the cable.

There is audio and video signals integration within the connector making it an all in one adapter.

Considered as a very advanced cable, the HDMI is common in most HDTVs and computer monitors.

Some of the HDMI adapter variations are:

VGA Adapter

VGA Adapter
Image credit | alibaba.com

Introduced in the 1980s, the Video Graphics Array (VGA) cable has been the most used in the computer sphere.

The 15 pins cable transmits video signals only. Furthermore, it has other cables that carry and transmit color, horizontal, and vertical positioning information.

Some of the VGA adapter variations are:

DVI Adapter

Types of Adapters - DVI Adapter
Image credit | startech.com

The digital video interface (DVI) connector is designed to transmit large amounts of data to HDTV and LCD screens.

Unlike the HDMI, this connector does not have audio integration and thus does not carry sound signals.

It is commonly used in computer monitors and Tvs and has as many as 24 pins.

Some of the VGA adapter variations are:

Audio Adapters

Audio adapters convert and transfer audio signals to conform to different non-connectable appliances.

They are very essential and handy adapters in the modern world due to the emergence of new electronic gadgets that have new and non-common connectors.

These adapters are handy in churches, clubs, transport sector, halls, theatres, schools, universities, homes, among other entities.

Travel/Electrical Adapters

Travel adapters help you when traveling to different countries in regard to the electrical connectivity of your electronic and electrical gadgets or appliances.

These electrical adapters are very vital and necessary. Without them, you may be unable to use your appliances.

Different countries have different voltages of transmission capabilities. Some transmit 110 – 120 volts while others transmit 220 – 240 volts.

For this reason, there is need to get the correct travel adapters as you visit different countries.

In addition, the shapes and sizes of adapters in different countries vary much.

You must get the correct adapters to avoid getting stuck and not being able to utilize your gadgets and appliances.

Phone Adapters

With mobile phone invention and advancements, there has been an upsurge in the number of phone adapters in the globe.

It is now possible to connect your phone to a flash drive via an OTG adapter. In fact, you can connect your phone to an AUX input via an adapter.

Another connection is phone to Tv via a HDMI adapter. In essence, there are so many connections that phone adapters would help you achieve.

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