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Best electric irons buyers guide and detailed reviews

Electric irons have existed for years now. Indeed long ago before we had them, there were charcoal irons.

Charcoal irons are still in use today mainly in areas where there is no electricity connection.

Today, however, there are advanced electric irons that have a steam producing mechanism to make ironing easier for you.

What is an iron box? This is an electrical appliance used to iron and in the process remove creases from clothes.  

When the iron’s plate is heated, you just press the hot plate onto clothes and the creases are gone.

With ironing, clothes feel more comfortable and this also helps in keeping clothes durable.

Furthermore, research has shown that ironing also helps in preventing infectious diseases.

Let us now learn about electric irons parts below;


Mainly built of iron and chromium to prevent rust, this is the triangular-shaped bottom part side of electric irons.

Other materials used in the manufacture of sole plates include;

  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Non-stick
  • Ceramic
  • Cast iron
  • Steam Iron 

Electric irons parts: Pressure plate

This plate is screwed to the soleplate and follows the same triangular shape of the soleplate.

A pressure plate is an important part of an iron box as it helps by handling and transferring pressure as you iron.

Heating element

Another important part of electric irons. This is the part that heats the soleplate.

In some irons, the heating element is permanently attached (in-built) to the soleplate while on others it is detachable.

It is located between the soleplate and pressure plate and is mainly made of nichrome wire and a mica sheet wounded around.

Electric irons parts: Cable

This is a fabric covered electric cable that has a top plug on one end and the other end connects to the heating element via the thermostat.

Due to twisting as one iron’s, the cable is made of sisal like fabric to aid in movement and flexibility as one is ironing.

Furthermore, the fabric cover protects the cable wires from damage and also protects you from the risk of an electric shock.

The fabric material acts as an insulator.


This protects the interference of radio waves.


This is the most important part of an electric iron. In layman language, this is a switch that regulates the temperature of your electric iron.

In addition, the switch also incorporates a thermal fuse that has a set temperature rating.

In case of excessive heating due to thermostat failure, this thermal fuse then blows off preventing damage to the heating element.

Moreover, this mechanism can also protect you from fires that may arise from burning garments.  

Pilot lamp

This is an indicator lamp that indicates to you that the iron box has switched on.

The lamp connects to the thermostat and is the first thing you should check if your electric iron box is faulty.

In addition, it is placed on the side of the cover plate.


Well, this part is attached to the pressure plate and is the part that you hold as you iron your clothes.

Cover plate

The cover plate is attached to the pressure plate on the bottom side and the handle on the top side.

I would refer this to as the housing of electric irons. In addition, it also houses the lamp and thermostat switch knob.

Types of electric irons heating elements

Well, there are two types of heating elements in regards to attachment mode namely;

  • Attached; This type is attached to the soleplate. Majority of the electric irons have this type. In case of damage, you need to get a complete soleplate for replacement.
  • Detached; This one, on the other hand, is independent and can be bought as a single item in case of a replacement need.

Thank you for reading up to this point below we have more to learn. Kindly keep reading.

There are three types of electric irons;

Dry irons

This electric iron-type does not produce any steam. They just produce dry heat that is in turn applied via the soleplate to help in ironing.

Steam generating irons

This one has an inbuilt steam-generating mechanism that helps in reducing ironing work.

The steam is sprinkled onto your garments as you iron by pressing on a button situated at the top of the handle.

Charcoal irons

A charcoal iron is a device used to iron clothes by utilizing charcoal. It has a thick soleplate.

The soleplate absorbs heat from the burning charcoal and this is, in turn, is what one applies to iron clothes.

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