Sony Car Radios Buyers Guide and Reviews

Sony car Radios
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Sony 64 !! Does this ring a bell? Well, Sony car radios have been dominating the car audio space for quite a number of years now.

When growing up and as a tech enthusiast, I had the Sony 64 car radio in my small cubicle. I remember playing cassette tapes and this was fun.

Later as I grew up, I had an opportunity to own one of their mega-bass enabled home entertainment system and it was a good one.

Well, Sony corporation headed by Kenichiro Yoshida is headquartered in Tokyo-Japan and was founded in the year 1946.

Sony corporation specializes in;

Consumer electronics

  • TV’s
  • Audio systems
  • Cameras
  • Mobile phones and accessories

Gaming and entertainment

  • Play stations
  • Games

Professional electronics

  • Projectors
  • Broadcast equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Video security
  • Network camera systems

With these multiple electronic appliances, you can not go wrong with sony electronic products.

They have proven to be a reliable and high quality manufacturer and made tremendous advancements on most of their products.

Sony car radios advancements

Over the last few decades, this giant electronics corporation has availed to the market quite a number of advanced electronic appliances.

Some of its major products are car radios. And well, the features on these radios are just amazing.

Some of the peculiar features on Sony car radios

  1. Bluetooth ability
  2. Touch screens
  3. Smart phone connectivity and control
  4. Video playing capabilities
  5. Digital FM bands ability
  6. Usb and SSD adaptability
  7. Various codecs employed

Well, Sony car radios come in two categories;

  1. Single Din
  2. Double Din

Furthermore, Sony car radios are availed in 4 sub-categories;

  1. Video players – 7 products
  2. Smartphone control – 19 products
  3. Digital media receivers – 11 products
  4. CD players – 12 products
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