Pioneer Speakers Review

Pioneer Speakers Reviews

These are Pioneer Speakers Reviews. Well, this speaker brand has been in existence for almost 8 decades now.

The reviews will also serve as a complete list of pioneer speakers so, kindly read through and come across all the speakers.

Over the years and with technological advancements, Pioneer Electronics Corporation has been manufacturing and adding new speaker models and series’.

With each new speaker model and series, something peculiar comes up. Their main aim, however, is to only produce the best speakers.

Pioneer Electronics is one of the biggest and wellknown electronic brands. The corporation manufactures an assortment of other electronics products as well.

This giant electronics firm is headquartered in Japan and was founded by Nozomu Matsumoto and established in the year 1938.

More than just Pioneer Speakers

Apart from pioneer speakers, this Japanese multinational corporation has a wide range of high tech electronics products that they also manufacture.

These products are in 6 categories namely;

  • Car electronics
  • Optical drives
  • Headphones
  • DJ equipment
  • Home AV
  • Cycle sports

I will discuss these products in detail on subsequent reviews.

These pioneer speakers reviews will cover all speakers and to be precise they fall under the car electronics category and home AV category.

Kindly read through these reviews as I will share with you some pioneer speakers’ golden tips at the tail end.

Before we get into the reviews, let me further breakdown to you the specific sub-categories so that you understand better.

Under car electronics we have;

  • Car speakers
  • Subwoofers

Under home AV electronics we have;

  • Home speakers
  • Smart speaker

Do you love bass, treble and mid-range sound? If yes, these pioneer speakers reviews are meant for you.

Sit down relax and see the exceptional pioneer speakers available just for you.

Pioneer Car Speakers List

This is one of the two categories of speakers that the pioneer corporation produces. We shall learn more about low, mid range and high car speakers below.

Some of the notable and worth a mention speakers include; special fit speakers, champion series, powered subwoofers among others.

Special Fit Speakers List

Models falling under the pioneer special fit speakers are;

  • TS-A4103
  • TS-A878
  • TS-T15
  • TS-T110
  • TS-X150
  • TS-X200

Kindly see the detailed and comprehensive Pioneer Special Fit Speakers Review

Pioneer Pro-Series Speakers List

These powerful pioneer speakers will not disappoint you. They are built for the outdoors but I love referring them to dual use speakers.

They are amazing and the sound quality is out of this world. Grab them and hear the quality for yourself.

Models falling under this category are;

  • TS-B350PRO
  • TS-B400PRO
  • TS-M650PRO
  • TS-M800PRO
  • TS-6900PRO
  • TS-W1200PRO

Kindly see the detailed and comprehensive Pioneer Pro-Series Speakers review

Pioneer G-series Speakers List

Models falling under the pioneer G-series speakers are;

  • TS-G6820S
  • TS-G4620S
  • TS-G1320S
  • TS-G1620F
  • TS-G6930F
  • TS-G1020S

Pioneer Speakers by Size List

I would honestly say this is the pioneer speakers supermarket. The reason being, you will get almost everything here.

Under this category, you will get a majority of the sizes and models. Furthermore, you can compare prices and other attributes.

Kindly click on this link to see pioneer speakers by size.

Pioneer Champion Series Pro (1 Model Only)

The only model falling under this series is;

  • Pioneer TS-W3003d4

Pioneer Champion Series List

Models falling under the pioneer champion series subwoofers are;

  • TS-W126M
  • TS-W106M
  • TS-W311D4
  • TS-W311S4
  • TS-W261D4
  • TS-W256R
  • TS-W306R

Pioneer Shallow Mount Subwoofers List

Models falling under the pioneer shallow mount speakers are;

  • TS-SW3002S4
  • TS-SWX3002
  • TS-SW2502S4
  • TS-SWX2502
  • TS-SW2002D2
  • TS-SWX2002

Pioneer Powered Subwoofers List

Models falling under the pioneer powered subwoofers are:

  • TS-WX400DA
  • TS-WX70DA
  • TS-WH500A
  • TS-WX1010A
  • TS-WX130DA
  • TS-WX120A
  • TS-WX1210A

Pioneer Pre-Loaded Subwoofers List

Models falling under pioneer pre-loaded subwoofers are:

  • TS-WX106B
  • TS-D10LB
  • TS-WX126B
  • TS-A120B
  • TS-A300B

Pioneer A-series Speakers List

Models falling under the pioneer special fit speakers are;

  • TS-A692C
  • TS-A1300C
  • TS-A1607C
  • TS-A652C
  • TS-A300TW
  • TS-A652F
  • TS-A692F
  • TS-A120B
  • TS-A682F
  • TS-A462F
  • TS-A120D4
  • TS-A100D4
  • TS-A6990F
  • TS-A6970F
  • TS-A6960F
  • TS-A1680F
  • TS-A1670F
  • TS-A6880F
  • TS-A1370F
  • TS-A4670F
  • TS-A300D4
  • TS-A250D4
  • TS-A300B
  • TS-A1072R

Pioneer D-series Speakers List

Models falling under the pioneer special fit speakers are;

  • TS-D69C
  • TS-D65C
  • TS-D69F
  • TS-D68F
  • TS-D10LB
  • TS-D65F
  • TS-D12D4
  • TS-D12D2
  • TS-D10LS4
  • TS-D10D4
  • TS-D10LS2
  • TS-D10D2

Pioneer Z-series Speakers List

Models falling under the pioneer powered subwoofers are:

  • TS-Z65CH
  • TS-Z65C
  • TS-Z65F
  • TS-Z10LS4
  • TS-Z10LS2

Pioneer Home Speakers List

As with other speaker makers, pioneer corporation has not been left behind in regard to home speakers.

With quality being their all time badge, this corporation has a magnificent collection of high quality home speakers.

Though a bit pricey, pioneer home speakers are worth every dime. And this pioneer speakers list would not have been complete without mentioning them.

The audio quality is excellent and even more brilliant if coupled with a good amplifier.

The bass is heavy, the mid is clean and the high is crisp. Combining these factors, you can only imagine the sound output.

Grab one of them and hear what it is I am saying. Kindly see the various speakers below.

Pioneer Elite speakers List

Models falling under the pioneer Nautica series speakers are;

  • SP-EFS73
  • SP-EBS73-LR
  • SW-E10
  • SP-EC73

Elite soundbar system Speaker

The only model is:

  • FS-EB70

Pioneer wireless speakers List

Models Falling under this category are;

  • Pioneer XW-SMA1-K
  • Pioneer XW-SMA3-K
  • Pioneer XW-SMA4-K

Pioneer speaker bar

Still doing research on these speakers. Seems like the company discontinued them or they are rarely in stock.

Once sufficient information is available, we shall not hesitate to let you know.

Pioneer Smart Speaker

The only model falling under this category is:

  • Pioneer VAFW40 Elite F4

Pioneer Marine Speakers List

Do you own a boat or yacht? Take some nice sound experience to the waters with the Pioneer marine speakers.

The speakers are made for the aqua experience and are manufactured with waterproof materials.

They come in 3 models and yes, they are full range speakers. Meaning, it is a combination of the 3 speaker sound attributes – bass, mid, high.

The pioneer marine speakers are a must-have for you that spends time in the waters. Kindly see the models below and get yours now.

Models falling under the pioneer Nautica series speakers are;

  • TS-MR2040
  • TS-MR1640
  • TS-MR1600

In conclusion, pioneer speakers will never disappoint you. In all the 3 main categories you will definitely get a good speaker for your needs.

Whatsmore, there are wireless speakers and a smart speaker for you that loves home automation.

The pioneer speakers have a variation in prices and well, it will be impossible for you to walk away without any one of them.

Furthermore, they have Lows, Mid, and, Highs speakers. In essence, this is an all in one speakers supplier.

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