Pioneer AVH-X390BS

Pioneer AVH-x390bs Review

This is a detailed and comprehensive Pioneer AVH-x390bs review. It will also act as a guide to you as you embark on souping up your car.

With multiple advanced features and a peak output power of 200 watts, the Pioneer AVH-X390BS double din Car Stereo is and will remain an all-time favorite.

Manufactured by the Pioneer corporation, this pioneer car stereo will take your breath away because of the amazing features.

In addition, I have fitted numerous pioneer car stereo systems globally and this amazing pioneer stereo monster is in a league of its own.

Just imagine the flexibility, technology, enhancements and integrations in one compartment!!

Some notable features of the pioneer AVH x390bs include;

  • Built-in Bluetooth®
  • 6.2″ WVGA Touch Panel Display with LED Backlight
  • iPod®/iPhone® Compatibility
  • Back-Up Camera Ready
  • Navigation ready
  • Android music support
  • USB direct control for iPhone and iPad

Pioneer AVH-x390bs Review

Kindly read through this detailed and comprehensive review and get to see why I fell in love with this car audio masterpiece.

Furthermore, below I shall take you through a comprehensive and detailed outlay from a technician’s perspective.

But before that, I would like us to look at some of the unique and peculiar features that I have come across. They include;

App radio one

All pioneer receivers built-in 2015 and above have this amazing feature.

App radio one feature helps you control select Smartphone apps conveniently by simply allowing you access to the digital world.

Additionally, you can achieve this by using the Pioneer CD-IU52 Lightning® to USB cable for iPhone users or, Pioneer CD-MU200 USB to micro USB cable for Android users.

Furthermore, you can alternatively connect via cables that come with the phones.

After the connection and sync, you can now tap on your pioneer touch screen to open a whole new digital experience.

Moreover, via the app radio one, you can access maps, events, media, and calendars.

The app is compatible with Android devices running OS 4.2 upwards, Apple devices running iOS 7.0 and also compatible with iPhone 5 and above.

Note: compatible radio one apps may differ according to region.

We shall do a comprehensive review article on receivers compatible with app radio one in a subsequent article.

Spotify app control

This is another amazing feature. Spotify is a music streaming platform available in 78 countries worldwide.

Furthermore, Spotify has both a free and subscription package. However, the free package comes with ads.

This Pioneer car stereo has a Spotify dedicated A/V source which gives you the ability to control the content on the Spotify app via your mobile devices.

Pandora integration

Pandora is all about discovering great music effortlessly. Just download and launch the free Pandora app on your device.

Then, on android connect via Bluetooth when the app is running.

On Apple devices, a wired connection via   CD-IU52 USB interface cable for Lightning devices is required. {Cable sold separately}


Imagine listening to DJ ready music as you drive or relax in your car. Well, Mixtrax technology offers you this and much more.

This Pioneer Double DIN Car Stereo has mixtrax integrated and offers you nonstop music.

In addition, you can also set up lighting depending on the music that you are playing.


Firmware is a permanent software programmed into a read-only memory.

With advances in technology and integrations, most advanced car stereos have a firmware to manage these.

The Pioneer AVH x390BS currently runs on version 8.0.5

Sit back and look at the amazing features below.

NB; Achieving the best and most optimized sound needs excellent accompanying accessories IE speakers, tweeters, woofers, etc.

We shall touch on speakers and other accessories below as we continue to read and expound more on this detailed review.

Well, straight to the review. Here is what we shall talk about;

  1. Specs
  2. Manuals
  4. Accessories
  5. Price
  6. Golden tips


As with any other electronic appliance or gadget, most of us look at the specifications of a product before we make a purchase.

This review will unearth the variety of specs available in this car stereo.

We have an in-depth look at the specs below;


  • LEDbacklight
  • ON/OFFdimmer settings
  • Brightness control
  • Standby mode present
  • 13background display customization
  • 112key colors
  • 5display color customization
  • Homescreen shortcuts customization
  • Resolution;  WVGA {800*480}
  • Screen aspect ratio “6.2”
  • Illumination timer
  • Display mode off


  • Composite video output
  • Rear AUX input
  • Rear single USB
  • Wired remote input
  • USB direct control for iPod and iPhone
  • Back-up camera input
  • Minijack AV cable

This pioneer car audio is navigation ready and for this, you need an
AVIC U280.

What is an AVIC U280?

Pioneer AVIC-U280
Image Credit |

Well, this is an add-on that plugs into your pioneer AVH x390bs stereo to aid and adds GPS navigation to your car audio.

Furthermore, this GPS navigation add-on is compatible with pioneer DVD AVH models that are 2010 and later.

This pioneer AVIC U280 module has about 8 million POIs and has the ability to serve 2D and 3D maps.


  • 50 watts x 4 output channels built-in amplifier
  • 13 band customizable graphic equalizer
  • RCA preamp outputs for external audio gadgets amplification eg phone, walkman, mp3 player, etc.
  • 24-bit D/A converter
  • Built-in low pass filter and high pass filter crossover network system.
  • Mixtrax
  • Listening position selector/control via Pandora integration
  • Built-in advanced sound retriever
  • Subwoofer control availed.
  • Auto EQ and time alignment via CD-MC20
  • Easily preset equalizer
  • 3-way audio network mode

Bluetooth Ready

  • Simple secure paring
  • Dual phone connectivity
  • Hands-free profile
  • The advanced audio distribution profile
  • Audio-video remote control profile
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Serial port profile
  • Sound retriever air


  • Local seek tuning
  • Best station memory availed
  • RDS
  • iTunes tagging availed
  • Tuner presets FM-18 AM-6
  • Sirius XM album-art display
  • Sirius XM tune start and tune scan
  • Is Sirius XM ready (tuner however sold separately)

Smartphone Integration

  • Spotify control
  • Pandora control
  • App-radio one
  • Voice control
  • Android music support
  • Pandora station creation
  • Siri eyes-free

Digital media playback

  • Mp3 audio playback via disc and USB
  • WMV video playback achieved via the USB port
  • MPEG-4 video playback this via CD disk and USB
  • MPEG-1 video playback: disk and USB
  • FLAC audio playback: get this on the USB port
  • AAC audio playback this on disk and USB
  • CD/CD-R/RW playback availed
  • WAV audio playback via disk and USB
  • WMA audio playback on the CD disk and the USB port
  • DVD/DVD-R/RW/DVD-video playback
  • MPEG-2 video playback on disk and USB
  • JPEG photo slideshow viewer that plays via USB
  • AVI/DivX video playback via the USB port

Other Important Features

  • Remote control included
  • Multi-language display
  • 1-year warranty if purchased from a pioneer authorized dealer
  • Fixed face panel
  • 2006 CEA Compliant


Kindly click and get your free pioneer Avh x390bs manual


As stated above under firmware, this Pioneer car audio has version FW 8.05 and you can download this software and all instructions here >> pioneer AVH x390bs firmware


Well, this review cannot be complete without delving into and mentioning that this marvelous Pioneer car stereo has some great accessories.

You can purchase them independently and plug into your system to enhance your audio experience.


Pioneer Avh-X390bs review | ND-BC8
Image Credit |

This is ND-BC8 CMOS Universal surface mount backup rearview camera. Kindly See the camera price on Amazon


Pioneer AVIC-U280
Image Credit |

The AVIC-U280 Navigation system. It aids you in aspects of navigation. Kindly see the price on Amazon.


Image Credit |

This is a CD-MC20 Auto-equalizer Microphone for 2010 Audio/Video Receivers. Kindly see the price on Amazon.


Image Credit |

CD-SR100 steering wheel infrared remote control. Kindly see the price of this gadget on Amazon.

CD- IU52

Image Credit |

This is a CD- IU52 USB to Lightning Cable for iPhone/iPod. Kindly check the latest price on Amazon.


Pioneer AVH-X390BS

Top-Rated Pioneer car stereo in the market.

Check Latest Price

Happy that you have read the review up to this point. As I had promised at the beginning, I will now share with you some golden tips.

These golden tips will be very instrumental in achieving the best quality sound and other great aspects of this car audio.

Moreover, if you observe these tips, your car audio system will last long without any issues.

Golden tips

  1. Buy your car stereo and any other accessory from a genuine and authorized dealer.
  2. Always get a warranty for your products just in case there is an issue with your product.
  3. Get a qualified technician to install your car audio. Further to this, discuss with him what you want in terms of audio and other functionalities of the stereo.
  4. It is a good practice to buy matching speakers for your pioneer car stereo. This is because many manufacturers apply matching impedance to their products which is a key factor in achieving quality audio output.
  5. Make sure that your car battery is functioning optimally so as to get nice quality audio.
  6. Avoid water to the touch screen at all times. Cover the touch screen properly if you are cleaning your dashboard.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, pioneer AVH-x390BS is a quality car audio that has many nice qualities.

Furthermore, there are other nice accessories you can plug in just to enhance the audio experience.

If I forgot to cover anything, kindly leave a comment and I will see to it that I have incorporated the same within this review.

Image credit >>> Pioneer electronics and Online car stereo.

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