Step down transformers

Step Down Transformers

Step down transformers are important electricity supplying gadgets that we need in our homes from time to time to power our appliances. Well, if you happen to own electricity powered appliances or gadgets, you must have come across some of them that require 110 volts input as opposed to the standard 240 volts input. On several occasions, most of us have powered these appliances with the normal 240 volts and ended up damaging them completely.

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Electric irons
Ironing and Laundry Appliances

Best electric irons buyers guide and detailed reviews

Electric irons have existed for years now. Indeed long ago before we had them, there were charcoal irons. Charcoal irons are still in use today mainly in areas where there is no electricity connection. Today, however, there are advanced electric irons that have a steam producing mechanism to make ironing easier for you. What is an iron box? This is an electrical appliance used to iron and in the process remove creases from clothes.   When the iron’s plate is heated, you just press the hot plate onto clothes and…

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Wanjira almark electronics shop
Electronic shops

Wanjira Almark electronics shop

In the heart of Nairobi’s electronics hub is Wanjira Almark electronics shop that caters for all your electronics needs. Wanjira Almark electronics shop is located on Luthuli lane off Luthuli avenue and well, they are doing a very good job. Established in 2007, this electronics wholesalers have a diverse range of electronics components, electronics parts and electronics accessories. I have been a regular client and I can assure you that you will be amazed by what you see and encounter at this electronics shop. Wanjira Almark electronics shop only stock…

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Sony car Radios
Car stereos

Sony Car Radios Buyers Guide and Reviews

Sony 64 !! Does this ring a bell? Well, Sony car radios have been dominating the car audio space for quite a number of years now. When growing up and as a tech enthusiast, I had the Sony 64 car radio in my small cubicle. I remember playing cassette tapes and this was fun. Later as I grew up, I had an opportunity to own one of their mega-bass enabled home entertainment system and it was a good one. Well, Sony corporation headed by Kenichiro Yoshida is headquartered in Tokyo-Japan…

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Sayona subwoofers
Kenyan Subwoofers

The most powerful Sayona Subwoofers in 2019

A few years back, Sayona Subwoofers were introduced into the Kenyan market. These Sayona woofers have lived up to their billing and taken the number one spot as the best subwoofers in Kenya. Sayona Subwoofers as compared to other subwoofers Before Sayona, there were other magnificent subwoofer brands namely Ampex and Golden Tech. What is a subwoofer? A subwoofer is a loudspeaker that is manufactured and designed for the sole purpose of reproducing very low bass frequencies. Thankfully, I have had the pleasure of owning all these three great subwoofers…

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Kitchen appliances

The ultimate and most comprehensive blenders buyer guide & reviews

Blenders are kitchen appliances used to puree, emulsify or mix food and other substances. In some instances, they are also used in laboratories as well. We shall discover various types of this must-have kitchen appliance in this comprehensive and detailed blenders review. Blenders have been there for many years and though the concept is the same, technology has availed us very advanced blenders. These advancements are mainly in terms of capacity, motor speed, hygienic production materials, power consumption efficiencies and much more. This blender review will avail you a comprehensive…

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electricity saving tips

Electricity saving tips at home

The following electricity saving tips will help you save more than 40% on costs that you incur on your electricity consumption. With electricity consumption at an all-time high and the country reach now at above 60 %, this comes at an additional cost to the power supplier. Further to this, massive investments to cater for the ever-increasing electricity consumption is factored on your electricity bill. For this reason, I found it necessary to avail you this detailed guide on electricity saving tips. Energy consumption and energy conservation are intertwined and…

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Electronic shops in Nairobi
Electronic shops

Genuine electronic shops in Nairobi

There are thousands of electronic shops in Nairobi. Well, many of us must have at least stepped into an electronics shop. This mostly to buy an electronic product, part, component or gadget. Electronics is a wide topic because it entails many other branches including but not limited to; Analog electronics Microelectronics Digital electronics Integrated circuits Circuit design Optoelectronics Semiconductors But to break it down, and make you understand better, See below. Let me just name a few departments and indeed products you may have purchased in some electronic shops in…

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Pioneer AVH-X390BS
Car stereos

Pioneer AVH x390bs car stereo review

With multiple advanced features and a peak output power of 200 watts, the Pioneer AVH-X390BS double din Car Stereo is and will remain an all-time favorite. This pioneer car stereo will take your breath away because of the amazing features. I have fitted numerous pioneer car stereo systems in Kenya and the pioneer AVH-X390BS stereo monster is in a league of its own. Just imagine the flexibility, technology, enhancements and integrations in one compartment!! Some notable features of the pioneer AVH X390BS include; Built-in Bluetooth® 6.2″ WVGA Touch Panel Display…

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Pioneer Speakers

Pioneer speakers 2019 Review

Pioneer speakers; Well, this speaker brand has been in existence for almost 8 decades now. Over the years and with technological advancements, Pioneer Electronics Corporation has been manufacturing and adding new speaker models and series’. With each new speaker model and series, something peculiar comes up. Their main aim, however, is to only produce the best speakers. Pioneer Electronics is one of the biggest and well–known electronics brand. The corporation manufactures an assortment of other electronics products as well. This giant electronics firm is headquartered in Japan and was founded…

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