Pioneer Pro Series Speakers

Pioneer Pro Series Speakers

Built with the outdoors in mind, the pioneer pro-series speakers are just amazing and these reviews would not be complete without these models. What does PRO stand for? {Pioneer reference for open show} These models are built to deliver high-quality sound for the party lovers. I love referring to these cool speakers as the real …

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Brands of Blenders

I am a blending enthusiast. For this reason, I came up with this list of the best brands of blenders in the globe. In this list, you will come across various brands of blenders that achieve and have various blending capabilities. A Blender is a must have appliance if you need to keep yourself healthy …

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Electronic Accessories

Electronics would not be complete without electronic accessories. They help us accessorize our home electronics. In addition, they have multiple functionalities that help us in our day to day life. To complement parts and components, at the House of Electronics shop we stock a diverse range of electronic accessories. Below is a list of the …

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Electronic shops in Nairobi

Genuine Electronic Shops in Nairobi

There are thousands of electronic shops in Nairobi. Well, many of us must have at least stepped into an electronics shop. This mostly to buy an electronic product, part, component or gadget. ELECTRONICS IS A WIDE TOPIC BECAUSE IT ENTAILS MANY OTHER BRANCHES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO; Analog electronics Microelectronics Digital electronics Integrated circuits …

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Top Rated Steam Irons

Top Rated Steam Irons

Covering all the top-rated steam irons, this is a comprehensive review and detailed buyers guide. Which steam iron do you use to iron your clothes? well, I have had an opportunity to use most of them and I will share this information with you below. But before that, kindly see some of the top qualities …

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Types of Blenders Review

There are several types of blenders. The guide below will unfold this information and much more. Blenders are kitchen appliances used to puree, emulsify or mix food and other substances. In some instances, they are also used in laboratories as well. We shall discover various types of this must-have kitchen appliance in this comprehensive and …

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